“Keep your head, heels and standards high”

- Coco Chanel  

About Us

Two women, a Coloradan and a Brit, both on their individual journeys in search of healing and growth, crossed paths in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. It didn’t take long to realize they shared a similar vision and mission. To create a life they love, a life they don’t need a vacation from and a life that will help them to give back. As women in today’s modern world, the pressure to tick all the social boxes is at its peak. “Being perfect, being strong, having it all together” the list goes on. 

We are hardwired to believe we must give the impression to our peers, friends and families that everything is perfect, everything is ok, everything is under control, even if we are literally dying inside... 

Our fear of falling short of these expectations is at the core of it all. From lack of self confidence, fear of failure and perfectionism to our inner critic. From toxic and abusive relationships and divorce to losing a parent or speaking our truth. Our aim is to talk openly and candidly about our own personal experiences in the hope we can give inspiration and support and create a safe and loving tribe of women who absolutely have your back. 

With so much love and gratitude we welcome you to Hiking in Heals...

Love and light,
Teresa & Jessica

Let Go. Live. Coaching 

 Jessica Headey Gandolfi