Teresa Coltrin & Jessica Headey Gandolfi  

 Creators & Founders of Hiking In Heals PodCast

Two women, a Coloradan (Teresa Coltrin) and a Brit (Jessica Headey Gandolfi), both on their individual journeys in search of healing and growth, crossed paths in Los Angeles, the City of Angels. It didn’t take long to realize they shared a similar vision and mission. To create a life they love, a life they don’t need a vacation from and a life that will help them to give back. 

In this episode get to know Teresa and Jessica as they talk about: who they are, how they met, why Hiking In Heals, the aim of the PodCast and trusting your gut and following your intuition.

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Renata Spironello

Naam Yoga Founding Member & Teacher Trainer  

 For almost two decades, Renata Spironello has been helping people from all walks of life improve their health, re-boot their relationships, and find joy in their careers using the psychotherapeutic application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom as taught by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry.  She is deeply committed to the positive evolution of humankind, and places special emphasis on working with women.  Renata draws upon her extensive background in Naam Yoga and the Harmonyum Healing System, traveling year-round and world-wide as a founding member of the Naam Yoga Teacher Training Team and Harmonyum healing trainings.  Her down-to-earth approach helps students from all over the world make practical day-to-day use of the deep metaphysical laws that exist within the timeless teachings of Dr. Levry. 

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